Hydrovane – Investment Effective

7–45 kW (10-60hp)
100–150 PSIG
33–264 CFM

Rotary Vane Air Compressor: unique alternative to rotary screw compressors, and are typically quieter, smaller, and have less moving part than a rotary screw

  • Wears in…not out: allowing the Hydrovane to operate at up to 5% higher efficiency than when new
  • Direct drive, Slow speed, Small footprint, Quiet
  • Hypac (5-10 hp): Hypac Hydrovane compressors are pre-packaged on a tank, or on a tank with a refrigerated air dryer for a complete hassle free, easy to install system
  • Variable Speed Drive: HV RS Series include all of the features of the fixed speed Hydrovane, yet designed to consume the least amount of electricity to meet the air demand

Apex VS – Variable Speed Efficiency

7–22 kW (10-30hp)
110–175 PSIG
38–145 CFM

  • Clean, simple, and service-friendly layout
  • Small footprint & Quiet
  • High performing integrated airend
  • Total System (5-30hp): total system Apex include efficient Apex compressor, horizontal receiver tank, and optional refrigerated air dryer
  • Variable Speed compressor will instantaneously react, resulting in stable plant pressure with fluctuating plant air demand

LRS Series – Energy Efficiency

7–250 kW (10-330 hp)
75–190 PSIG
29–1465 CFM 132 kW machine max is 803 CFM (L250RS: 330 hp max flow is 1428 CFM)

  • Minimize your energy consumption with the perfect response to your individual air demand
  • Simplicity with cutting edge design
  • Outstanding performance with unprecedented serviceability
    lowering maintenance and service costs
    lengthening service life
    limiting downtime
  • Fully integrated rotary screw airend
  • Small footprint & Quiet
  • LRS Series Air Station (10-30hp): complete air system in one package with a fully integrated variable speed rotary screw compressor, tank-mounted with optional dryer for a true “plug and play” compressed air solution

VS Series – Constant Efficiency

25–250 kW (34 – 335 hp)
100–175 PSIG
155–1553 CFM

  • VS series variable speed compressors provides efficiency at full load, part load, and no load
  • Flexibility and Reliability

VST Series – Ultimate Efficiency

55–260 kW (75 – 250 hp)
100–175 PSIG
389–2032 CFM

  • Two-Stage variable speed rotary screw compressor
    two-stage compression is 8-12% more efficient than single stage compression
  • Great efficiency at full load
  • Huge savings at part load
  • VST series performs efficiently at all speeds, providing maximum efficiency at full load, part load, and no load