Troubleshooting Your Compressor

Are you having issues with your compressor? The table below reflects 7 of the most common air compressor problem and possible causes for these issues. If you are experiencing any of these issues, please contact our service department here.

Symptom Cause
High Discharge Temperature: -Low oil level

-Dirty or clogged heat exchanger

-Faulty thermal bypass valve

-Plugged oil filter

-Plugged air/oil separator

-Obstruction in oil system


Excessive Lubricant Consumption: -Clogged separator scavenge line

-Incorrectly adjusted scavenge line

-Oil sump overfilled

-Oil foaming in sump


Premature Lubricant Breakdown -Compressor temperature too hot

-Ingestion of foreign substance through intake

-Excessive condensate in system

-Mixed oil types

-Incorrect oil additives


Increased Amp Draw -Plugged air/oil separator

-Airend bearings starting to fail

-Obstruction in air lines

-Obstruction in oil lines

-Dirty or spent lubricant


Decreased Discharge Pressure -Faulty inlet valve

-Plugged air/oil separator

-Plugged intake filter

-Excessive leaks in plant piping


Air/Oil Separator Collapse -Minimum pressure valve sticking

-Dirty or spent lubricant

-Faulty check valve

-Ingestion of foreign substance through intake


Compressor Shutting Down -High temperature

-High discharge pressure

-Low oil pressure

-Blown fuse

-Power failure