Temperatures Are Rising, Beat the Summertime Blues!

rising-tempYour air compressor generates a tremendous amount of heat. When ambient air is compressed to do work for you, considerable heat of compression is released. As a rough illustration, the heat of compression released from a 100 horsepower air compressor could heat 4 homes in the worst of winter. If not handled properly in the summer, that heat can become an enemy to your air system.

Excessive heat kills most compressor oils. It is a well accepted rule of thumb that you cut oil life expectancy by half for every 20 degree rise above normal operating temperature. In many cases, the high price you pay for synthetic compressor oils is squandered because the oil breaks down prematurely due to overheating. To protect from high acid numbers, loss of lubricity and increased viscosity, long oil change intervals must be monitored with frequent lube analysis, particularly when exposed to high ambient temperatures.

Please see below for some tips on helping your compressed air system beat the summer heat and avoiding downtime.

  • Change the oil.
  • Check the fluid system.
  • Change the inlet filter.
  • Check your belts and couplings.
  • Ventilate the compressor room.
  • Clean the coolers.
    Keeping the heat exchangers or coolers clean is one of the most important things that you can do during the summer months!
  • Check your electrical cabinet.
  • Maintain your dryer.
  • Check all drains on tanks, dryer and filters.

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