We service all major brands of air compressors as well as related equipment.

Compressor Service

RWI offers compressor service on ALL types of compressors; we strive to be your single source solution. Some of our services include:

  • Repair of Rotary, Piston, Reciprocating, Vane, Centrifugal, Oil Free, Lubricated Compressor
  • Repair of dryers refrigerated and desiccant
  • Complete Rental Fleet
  • Repair of vacuum pumps
  • Air end Rebuild
  • Centrifugal Rotor Repair, Balancing Rebuilds
  • Oil Analysis
  • System Design
  • Leak Detection
  • Service Agreements
  • Laser Alignment of Motor Shafts

Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements

  • Provide maintenance according the manufacturer specifications for all types of compressed air equipment.
  • Service agreements range from weekly inspections to annual compressor preventative maintenance based on customers’ request and warranty requirements.
  • Protect your investment, prevent costly downtime, and protect your warranty

Remote Equipment Monitoring – ESP 20/20

ESP 20/20 is a wireless remote monitoring solution that upgrades the air compressor to an intelligent asset providing system performance and advisory notification. Interfacing directly to Gardner Denver or third party compressors via discrete inputs and outputs, any compressor asset can be transformed to provide critical operational information through a single web based application.

  • Resolve small problems before they become big ones
  • Eliminate downtime for the customer
  • Eliminate need to contact on-site personnel
  • Helps the customer and compressor technician answer the question, “Is the compressor performing as intended?”
  • To learn more about Remote Compressor Monitoring and how it can benefit you, please click below.