The airINSIGHT program allows RWI Industrial to offer a compressed air system audit to our clients. The airINSIGHT Compressed Air Audit allows us to uncover energy conservation opportunities and provide cost savings to our valued customers. With increasing energy costs a fact of life, the performance and efficiency of compressed air systems have never been more important.

airINSIGHT Service includes:

  • Full system measurement of amps, volts, Kw, pressure, dewpoint, temperature, and actual flow
  • Multiple solution analysis to customer

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The top 5 targets of a compressed air audit

  • Air demand and supply – Make sure you have the right compressors to meet your demand efficiently
  • Plug the leaks – Air leaks are a costly waste of energy and money
  • Avoid over pressurization – More pressure means more energy and increased risk of leaks, consider your requirements. Lowering system pressure may solve a lot of problems
  • Bad Piping – Old piping, incorrect sizing, too many bends and tees reduces the efficiency of your compressed air system
  • Maintain your Compressor System – Change Air/oil filters, separators and lubricants at the optimum time, not when they clog up and cause a pressure loss or damage to your compressor system