Position: International Materials Planner/Logistician

Position: International Materials Planner/Logistician

Purpose of the Job
• The Material Requirements Planner will ensure the necessary components are available to meet the requirements of the maintenance schedule of major multinationals while minimizing working capital.

Primary Responsibilities
• Ensuring efficient detailed planning of the production lines machinery for major Multinationals and the creation of a production schedule with the use of SAP ERP
• Minimizing the working capital of pre-materials
• Successful coordination with plant operations and maintenance
• Successful coordination with logistics and procurement teams to ensure delivery of pre-materials to meet the production schedule
• Open communication with operations planning teams
• Successful implementation and continuous improvement of SAP ERP
• Improving work center capacity accuracy in SAP ERP
• Ensuring that customer due dates are achieved to meet business goals
• Reporting plant performance
• Training and development of employees
• Conduct employee performance reviews to determine competency, knowledge, and contribution
• Key user for SAP ERP
• Communicate to the operation of any risk of supply
• Determine the best logistics for supply (frequency / cost)
• Run MRP to explode customer requirements and generate requirements to suppliers
• Follow closely the level of inventory of components and raw materials
• Program orders to suppliers (local and international), follow from shipping to delivery
• Make sure suppliers receive orders / releases on time
• Create daily reports of critical materials (potential shortages) and follow close the ones that have a risk coverage for the operation
• Maintain in the plant the level of inventory planned, that allows the maintenance to run in an efficient way
• Maintain updated and correctly all the SAP parameters required for material planning and inventory control
• System inventory control: keep control of level of inventories, including slow material and obsolete.
• Update the system based on supplier delivery performance and follow on any charge backs and corrective / preventive actions.
• Report analysis and creation (coverage, forecast, projections, supplier past due orders, supplier over shipments, etc..)
• Continuous Improvement and Saving projects implementation for his / her area of responsibility
• Improve logistics for suppliers inbound by reducing cost on transportation per lb. or transit lead times
• Close communication with major Multinational companies in the United States of any inventory level change that might impact production maintenance
• Responsible for all the import documentation – proforma invoice, purchase order, shipping instructions, import licenses, master packing list and packing list
• Follow up on import process for inbound material when needed and provide all legal documents needed following each customer Customs procedure
• Main contact with the Supplier overseas: lead time of components, pickup and delivery at the freight forwarder warehouse
• Follow up with freight forwarders overseas
• Setup and follow expedite transportation if required following the rules for bidding and informing the operation on shipment progress
• Achieve logistics budget
• Request if necessary cycle counts as needed
• Make sure critical material is received physically and in system
• Work directly with our major Multinationals customers: in engineering and project management for engineering changes and new projects. Includes setting up the supply chain and following breakpoints, and coverage. Successful launch complying with budget.

• Ensure Supplier delivery on time
• No line or plant shutdown due to missing components
• Premium freight (reduced or non existent freight outside budget, in example unplanned airfreights)
• Ensure inventory days on hand and mix (available inventory in accordance with budget, in the right quantity and mix to avoid shortages or excess inventory)
• Implement continuous Improvement and saving projects
• Support successful engineering changes and new projects launches for all our Multinational customers

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• B.S. / B.A. Industrial engineer / System engineer / Business Administration (required)
• Expanded knowledge of SAP ERP
• Experience with European suppliers
• Languages: Fluent English and Intermediate Spanish
• Great knowledge of Engineering terms in all languages listed above
• Experience in inventory management
• Experience in team management and employee development
• APICS certified (desired)
• 3 years required in same / similar position in a Multinational industry as a Material Planner or related role
• Manufacturing systems knowledge
• Inventory control knowledge
• Computer skills: Advance Microsoft Office, SAP
• Material planning and production scheduling experience(MRP & MPS)
• Logistics and supply chain knowledge and experience
• Experience with new product launches/component supply
• Experience with the Engineering change process
Additional Skills, Knowledge or Abilities (physical)
• Physical stamina to work long overtime hours consecutively
• Physical strength to lift and maneuver heavy parts
• Physical agility to reach and climb
• Hearing proficiency


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Troubleshooting Your Compressor

Are you having issues with your compressor? The table below reflects 7 of the most common air compressor problem and possible causes for these issues. If you are experiencing any of these issues, please contact our service department here.

Symptom Cause
High Discharge Temperature: -Low oil level

-Dirty or clogged heat exchanger

-Faulty thermal bypass valve

-Plugged oil filter

-Plugged air/oil separator

-Obstruction in oil system


Excessive Lubricant Consumption: -Clogged separator scavenge line

-Incorrectly adjusted scavenge line

-Oil sump overfilled

-Oil foaming in sump


Premature Lubricant Breakdown -Compressor temperature too hot

-Ingestion of foreign substance through intake

-Excessive condensate in system

-Mixed oil types

-Incorrect oil additives


Increased Amp Draw -Plugged air/oil separator

-Airend bearings starting to fail

-Obstruction in air lines

-Obstruction in oil lines

-Dirty or spent lubricant


Decreased Discharge Pressure -Faulty inlet valve

-Plugged air/oil separator

-Plugged intake filter

-Excessive leaks in plant piping


Air/Oil Separator Collapse -Minimum pressure valve sticking

-Dirty or spent lubricant

-Faulty check valve

-Ingestion of foreign substance through intake


Compressor Shutting Down -High temperature

-High discharge pressure

-Low oil pressure

-Blown fuse

-Power failure


Temperatures Are Rising, Beat the Summertime Blues!

rising-tempYour air compressor generates a tremendous amount of heat. When ambient air is compressed to do work for you, considerable heat of compression is released. As a rough illustration, the heat of compression released from a 100 horsepower air compressor could heat 4 homes in the worst of winter. If not handled properly in the summer, that heat can become an enemy to your air system.

Excessive heat kills most compressor oils. It is a well accepted rule of thumb that you cut oil life expectancy by half for every 20 degree rise above normal operating temperature. In many cases, the high price you pay for synthetic compressor oils is squandered because the oil breaks down prematurely due to overheating. To protect from high acid numbers, loss of lubricity and increased viscosity, long oil change intervals must be monitored with frequent lube analysis, particularly when exposed to high ambient temperatures.

Please see below for some tips on helping your compressed air system beat the summer heat and avoiding downtime.

  • Change the oil.
  • Check the fluid system.
  • Change the inlet filter.
  • Check your belts and couplings.
  • Ventilate the compressor room.
  • Clean the coolers.
    Keeping the heat exchangers or coolers clean is one of the most important things that you can do during the summer months!
  • Check your electrical cabinet.
  • Maintain your dryer.
  • Check all drains on tanks, dryer and filters.

Contact us today at 800-535-5176 or request a quote to begin your summertime preventative maintenance!